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Chinese Yuan Downtrending


By G. R. Harrison (2014)


Charts courtesy of Yahoo Finance
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Continuing in our ‘Appraisal Reports’ for major Currencies of late, we come next to the Chinese Yuan.

The current price chart of the CNY/USD for a multi-year period is shown to the left. This particular chart was prepared some days ago.

Although most media have been reporting the recent upswing in the Yuan, the underlying momentum for this market is still downwards in direction.

We’ll take a more recent snapshot of this market with the next chart down.

This second chart shows that the downward drift of prices has continued even further.

To further confirm the down trend of the Chinese Yuan as indicated by the CNY/USD chart, we should expect prices to decline over time. Let’s see if this is so . . .


This is the current trend for this currency which, in turn, strengthens the Chinese economic position by decreasing the costs of their exports.

As the Economy of a nation is reflected in it’s currency, we can draw some conclusion from the emphasis that nation places on it’s money.

As the US DOLLAR is rising, causing exports to be more expensive from the USA, China is purposefully decreasing the value of it’s controlled currency in order to maintain it’s World exporting edge and to support it’s own industries.

This places China in the stronger position of the two economically relative to supporting it’s own industrial base. – George




Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course image


This is the method that I developed in order to find the true ‘intentions’ of the institutional traders in every market.

This approach is unique and, is not a conventional trend tool. The theory behind this exceptional analytical tool was derived from my many decades of research into W.D. Gann’s methods and writings as well as those of the ‘mercantile principles’ from the business side of the markets.

As the years rolled by, rediscoveries of lost principles of the markets were accumulated into what is now called the ‘Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course’.

‘The Excalibur Method’ is now part of the Master Course but, still may be purchased separately for a little while longer. You can read testimonials here.

The first half of the manual introduces a new paradigm and perspective for identifying what I call the ‘intentions’ or ‘objectives’ of the big market interests who clearly control the market trends. The Excalibur Method’s purpose is to allow one to place themselves in alignment with the plans of those who make the markets by using a mathematical tool to extract and interpret those plans. This information is a restricted release product. E-mail me HERE for price & availability


The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as other completely original discoveries are available to a limited number of students each year through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. Contact me by e-mail for price and availability by clicking the box above.

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Reality: A Road to Better Market Timing

WD Gann’s Key to Better Market Timing

Besides the great importance of being aligned with the dominant trend when trading or investing, WD Gann proved that there’s also the necessity of discerning a change in those trends (using market timing techniques) as early as possible.

Now, while the absolute top and bottom of a price move is what most newcomers to the markets think is what should be aimed for, a step back and analysis of the statistics will correct the notion that tops and bottoms are what should be the main focus of market timing.

In any time period, there will be an absolute high and low which will occur within that time frame. That is the Top and the Bottom of that market for that time period.

For a Year, which constitutes about 220 trading days, that means if we are trying to target those two single points of the High and the Low randomly, we’d have only 2 chances out of 220 of being correct in our assessments.

The percentage odds of that approach being ‘right-on-the-money’ correct are only .9 %!

Put another way,  we have 99.1% odds of missing the High and the Low for the Year!

And, in the investing field, that means, at least half the time, selling too early to find the top (creating losses) and buying too early looking for the lowest low (also creating losses). That translates into loss for the trader and investor who tries to top and bottom pick at least 50% of the time!

WD Gann and Crude Oil Timing

Price charts courtesy of Finviz.com. Indicators by WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com

‘Hope’ is fictional, Reality is self-defined

Tops and Bottoms to markets ARE Reality and, therefore, define themselves.

Hoping for a price top or bottom before the fact is, by definition, an act of fiction that can eventually lead to Chaos.

Price Tops and Bottoms become ‘self-evident’ by what follows after they’re made.


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