Which Markets are Overcoming Currency Depreciation Trends?


Today we’ll look at some markets that are countering the downward trends that were seen for major currencies in our previous posts.

Current  DJIA Trends

Current DJIA Trends

One of the most noteworthy of up trends and the most covered at present is the strong showing in the US Stock Market.

But, it turns out that this up-swinging market is only the tip of a much larger iceberg.

The same angular rate of growth is at work now in other, less known markets and commodities.

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Here is the collection of charts that are APPRECIATING in relative value at present.

Appreciating Markets

Appreciating Markets

The Stock Market indices are the largest markets of the group, but, again, the most notable factor common to all of the charts is that the angle of ascent is the same for all of these markets.

It’s fairly easy to make the connection between the US Bond Market and the Stock Market just as we drew conclusions for the connection between the depreciating currencies and Bonds in the previous posts.

Liquidity from Quantitative Easing is flowing into buying Bonds and the Stock Market and causing a global selling of certain currencies in order to buy US DOLLARS to invest in these same markets.

I’ll be going back to analyzing individual markets in the near future, but, thought you’d like to view the larger picture which we’ve been covering in these last few articles.

In addition, there are some few but important markets that are shifting out of their appreciation phase and into a depreciating one. I’ll show these in the next post. – George