WD Gann & Market Anniversary Dates


On the 25th Anniversary of the October 19th, 1987 Stock Crash, we again get to see this important principle at work.

Accurate right to the day in this case: October 19th.

The market celebrated by pulling back suddenly and getting everyone’s attention. Most won’t make the connection, but, never mind. Nature doesn’t forget. Neither should we as investors.

I’ve confirmed in my research (and include additional information in my course), that major events create ripples in Time & Space that project far into the future where they present themselves as ‘resistance’ points in Time that often oppose ongoing trends.


The Stock Market is an excellent example of this. On the chart below, I’ve indicated where a few of these points were located since the Crash of 1987.

The present year (2012) is at an important 25-year point. The half-point to this 25-year point brought us to the top of the great internet Bubble in 2000; a significant turning point to the greatest Bull market in History.

WD GANN: 1987 Stock Market Crash Anniversary Years

WD GANN: 1987 Stock Market Crash Anniversary Years.
Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com

My previous posting detailed how the stock market was poised at a critical turning point in PRICE.

The same holds, as you can see above on the chart, for TIME. We’re in a critical resistance point in TIME that will have to be overcome to continue as before with trend. Enough TIME will have to go by with prices holding in order to counteract the strong tendency to pull prices downwards. Until that happens, the previously posted price levels of support will be most important. – George