WD Gann: Gold Price Trends & Angles


The methods of past trading masters like WD GANN and others haven’t lost their effectiveness or abilities to explain the movements of GOLD prices.

All that’s been lost to our generation has been the understanding of  those words and charts left behind by legends like Mr. Gann and others.

Today, let’s step back and re-interpret GOLD by starting to learn just what ‘Season’ it is in. The angles can be useful for insights into this.

The metaphors of the seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter apply to markets as well as our calendar.

Just as we need to select our clothes according to the season when we’re ready to go outside, so also we should be aware of what kind of ‘seasonal’ weather (up or down markets) a market is in and the ‘clothing’ (strategies) required for it before entering. – George

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The following GOLD chart gives a more complete picture of the ultimate supporting angle underlying the gold market at present.

Gold Long-Term Trends

Gold Long-Term Trends

Note that the downward blue arrow is showing that prices have been in decline for over a year now. This, despite the press hoopla raving about GOLD and it’s great potential.

Short-term GOLD traders take note of this trend. It’s what should define your strategy.

The present short-term reality, not the fantasy, is shown by the blue arrow.

This shows Lower prices for GOLD.

As this is a yearly trend now, it’s momentum will dominate daily, weekly and even monthly price direction.

The green upwards sloping line represents the pace of growth for GOLD prices over the long-term going back before 2006.

This is the bedrock trend for the buy-and-hold folks as opposed to those trading the daily price or even weekly price swings.

But, that green line is several hundred dollars to the downside at present and, while one can still stay optimistic in the long-term they must accept the fact that prices can dip considerably on their way to test the level represented by the green angle line. George