India Stock Market Trends


For our many visitors interested in the India Stock Exchange and who wonder if The Excalibur Trading Method is also applicable to that market arena, I present today’s chart of the Bombay Stock Exchange for the last several years.

The Excalibur Trading Method and the Bombay Stock Exchange

The Excalibur Trading Method and the Bombay Stock Exchange

This chart shows a long-term analysis of this index and much shorter time frames would present many more trading opportunities.

However, the main point is that no major trend change escaped The Excalibur Trading Method’s analysis and notice with the present trend included.

The world today seems to be dominated by technical wonder gadgets. Smartphones, tablets etc. all of them are upgraded every year. In the technical world, change is constant with the promise that next year’s ‘model’ will solve all our problems real or imagined.

Unfortunately, this sets our consciousnesses to expect constant change in the world and, by implication, that this change will make our lives more effective or successful.

While some of this may be true for the technical realm, this philosophy creates an unbalance to our Whole Human Nature unless we acknowledge that there are greater, unchanging patterns to Life and our World.

Yet, if we step outside the tech sales hype for a moment we’ll realize the importance of Fundamentals; for, even the oldest model cell phone can still communicate.

That is the underlying constant purpose for all these devices.

Our approach to markets needs also to be based on a fundamental constant or purpose.

This is the same unchanging Realm that W.D. Gann explored and worked with over his super successful 50-year trading life.

The Excalibur Trading Method is based on LASTING PRINCIPLES that describe change but, are not altered by change itself.

  • A trading model should should be basic: Create a growing asset portfolio and reduce pullbacks on that asset growth.
  • A trading methodology should also be basic: Provide an unchanging & accurate perception of price trends, momentum and turns along with asset protecting stops.

Both should work together and, the Human Element needs to be disciplined enough to stay out of the way of both the trading model and the methodology.

That’s the short answer as to why the Excalibur Trading Method of price analysis work the same in every market it’s been applied to including those of India, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and of course the US and European Markets. I have satisfied clients in most of these countries or trading these markets using this technique (or others from the Master Course) so, this is not speculative.

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