Gold Intra-day Price Swings

How to Trade Gold Today:

Following an Intra-day GOLD Swing



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The recent draw down in GOLD prices completed today gave rise to another upswing to test the resistance price levels at $1400.

The intra-trend volatility was contained within the price area shown in green on the chart to the left until the Excalibur Method intra-day trigger signal to BUY.

Now, we’re in an up trending price rise that needs to be tracked carefully.

In order to trade Gold today, there are parameters that need to be watched. That also applies to this present intra-day upswing and the information that’s offered on this site.

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Gold intraday price swing

Gold intraday price swing

Price Levels to Watch for this intra-day GOLD swing:

The downswing that began the day was detected early at the price level shown by the blue ball.

The price decline ended as shown earlier in the above chart and the present (as of this writing) upswing is still in motion and reaching up to test resistance levels at $1400.

However, I’d be waiting for a breakthrough of prices above the green rectangle at around $1403 to verify a strong upswing.

More importantly, one should watch the low support area presently around $1390 and shown by the red rectangle at the lower right side of the chart.

This is a multi-day price of importance and price breaking below it will portend a greater and possibly faster drop to much lower areas (below $1380 to as low as $1365).

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