Four Depreciating Commodities Matching Currency Decline Angles

THERE ARE FOUR MAJOR COMMODITIES That Are Matching the Very Same Decline Angles as the Weak Currencies Examined Yesterday.

The previous post detailed out the amazing connection between the US Bond & T-Note market and some of the major global currency devaluations taking place almost unnoticed by the public.

Today, I’d like to visit four major commodities that are likewise in a devaluation decline today.

Perhaps most mysteriously, their decline rates match exactly those shown in our private members-only section yesterday.


GOLD, COTTON, WHEAT and COCOA are presently in a devaluation decline that matches that of the currencies shown in my previous posting.

Observe the charts below for further proof.

Four Commodities in Devaluation Decline

Four Commodities in Devaluation Decline

Note, once again, that the decline angles for ALL FOUR MARKETS are the same!

SUGAR is showing strength by bucking this trend at present but needs more strength to prove itself by breaking the downward angle in play at present.

Even more informative will be the group that’s been able to actually APPRECIATE during this same time period while all these currencies and commodities have experienced DEPRECIATION; (the exact polar opposite of valuation).

I’ll show those charts and angles in the next post.

Following that, I’ll show a connection to certain Forex pairs as well.

Until then, I wish you Great Success this week. – George