Eur/Usd Predictions: Reviewed & Renewed



We did very well indeed.

See if you agree.

In our private member’s section in the previous post, I presented a short-term chart for the EUR/USD forex pair which included some expected support price predictions.

An updated EUR/USD price chart is shown below with the previous support price predictions displayed as red lines.

EUR/USD price support projections results chart

EUR/USD price support projections results chart.
Chart courtesy of

Anticipating expected support price levels is a big assist in not getting trapped by market-makers seductive price patterns. Doing this accurately is the real trick of course. For that, I use some WD Gann insights to add to the Excalibur Method’s value.

The Excalibur Method detected the price point of the shift from an upside moving market to a downside one (shown by the blue oval on the chart) very early in the change-over.

This is the most important information; where to begin to structure a strategy for a new trend.


Here’s a current chart for the EUR/USD with new projected expected support & resistance price points.

Let’s look forward a little further into the EUR/USD.

The chart below shows a few of the new, expected support price areas (red lines) and initial resistance areas prior to a breakout to the upside (blue lines).

The thicker red line at the bottom should present a fairly strong support area with reversals being stronger from that price area.

 EUR/USD support and resistance price predictions for the Money Tiger's Group

EUR/USD support and resistance price predictions for the Money Tiger’s Group.
Chart courtesy of

Every so often I have to remind the newcomers to the group that these charts are presented for their potential educational use only. Please remember that this is a private member’s site and is not an advisory service and is not intended to be such.

By the way, that’s one reason I don’t post more frequently; I don’t want members to make investment decisions in expectation of continual updates from me.

I have plenty of work doing my market & course research to keep me plenty busy without watching & posting about the markets during the day. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of every post for clarification if needed concerning this.

That’s why, if you like what you see over time here, then, please consider purchasing the methodologies being used here.

Then, you’ll have control of both your time and techniques and can apply them to any time frame that you’re comfortable with without restriction or waiting on viewing them here.

I’ll post more charts like these for other markets shortly as an educational exercise and for your enlightenment on what can be known in advance about markets.

Thanks again for viewing. – George

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