A Hidden Investment Strategy Using the Australian Dollar

The Australian Dollar: A Hidden Profit Strategy

Due to increased interest from members in Australia, I’m including another of the multinational investment strategy plays that have yielded high returns to those in the know over the last 2 months.

The Australian Dollar has lapsed into a sideways mode with value oscillating within a range shown on the chart below.

The Australian Dollar is in a sideways price channel

The Australian Dollar is in a sideways price channel.
Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com

However, there has been an excellent investment relative to the Australian Dollar.  In fact, it has gained greatly for those who have converted Australian Dollars into this international investment instrument over the last 2 months.

It can’t be faulted for risk either. In fact, it’s one of the safest investment plays on the planet at the moment.

I have some special charts lower on this page that will reveal where this international money flow from Australia is heading at present.

Let’s now take a look at where the inside money flow from Australia has been going to find it’s best returns.

One of the best investment vehicles for Australians has been in US 10-year Notes as shown on the below chart comparing US T-Notes vs. the Australian Dollar over the same time period.

Australian Dollar returns on investment in US T-Notes

Australian Dollar returns on investment in US T-Notes.
Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com

While the Australian Dollar itself has pretty much gone nowhere in value, gains of over 10% in value could have been obtained by shifting those A. Dollars into T-Notes.

Economics aside, these are the numbers. We could debate for hours the theories, but, these are the monetary facts at present. On the chart above, there’s a red circle which shows where the Excalibur Method indicated that this up move was beginning back at the beginning of December.

The Excalibur Method, for those unfamiliar, is a market price following method that achieves very high accuracy in locating buying and selling price areas within an ongoing trend.

From that indication point in December until today there has been a 24% gain for this investment. combination.

As mentioned in my last two posts, often, these days, we need to look beyond our borders for the best financial opportunities.

In the previous two posts presented, the US Stock Market has been the best alternative for Canadians and Japanese investors, but, for Australians, due to their strong currency, this has not been the case.

Each nation has to be considered as having different possibilities available and investigated with an open mind.

Upcoming posts will present some popular markets, their trends and price objectives.

Thanks for reading. – George

The EXCALIBUR METHOD is a superior way of tracking the price turns for both intraday and longer time periods. You can learn more by visiting the testimonial links on this page or by going HERE for more in-depth detail.