Last week’s break in the China H Shares Market caught most by surprise and shock.

The meltdown of the market with it’s plunging prices was quick but presented a high profit potential for those who could anticipate and exit their long positions or sell into this falling market.


The fundamentals will be debated as to ‘why’ this happened, but, it’s been my mission on this website to deal with the ‘WHEN it will happen’ question.

The Excalibur Method has remained a reliable tool of analysis to answer the question of ‘WHEN’ for years now (on both this website and our earlier website).

As you can see on the 15-minute chart for China H-Shares, Excalibur found a weak, balance pivot-point where both Price and Time were most vulnerable to a momentum ‘push’.

And, that’s just what happened.

This form of analysis must be accurate and not time dependent to be of most use to traders and investors.

In other words, the time frame for the bars or candlesticks, whether 5-minutes or 1-hour shouldn’t alter our results as what we’re pursuing is a fundamental mathematical truth and not a subjective one.

ChinaH2Truth holds at all time levels.

To the left is the very same China H-Shares market but with one-hour bars instead of 15-minute ones as in the previous chart.

The results of the analysis are the same.

The same time and price pivot point was obtained, and, in advance of the market reaching it!

This is just the latest example out of hundreds these last 5 years.

The volatile times we’re in now really require an extra edge when it comes to analysis and knowing IN ADVANCE where critical price points are located.

I encourage those who seek to thrive in these markets to consider The Excalibur Method. This method of determining optimum investment and exit times for the markets will set you on a new and most satisfying trading path of success.

For a limited time, those who purchase The Excalibur Method will receive a valuable and very special additional technique that will multiply your market insights immensely!

To learn more, you’ll need to inquire by e-mail by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We’ll be examining some other exciting markets in the days ahead. – George

Show Me The Money (Flow)!


By George R. Harrison


We’ve all heard of the old magicians trick of distracting with one hand while the other is where the real set-up is taking place.

It seems we’re up against the same process at work in the markets we’re experiencing today.

There’s a fundamental and major shift taking place. Everyone feels the ‘vibe’ of it, but, where’s the proof (instead of the speculation) to bear out the truth of it?

It’s not to be found from conventional sources, that much is clear.

Like trying to detect the secrets of the magician, we need to focus on what the ‘other hand’ is up to.

When it comes to markets, a one-dimensional approach isn’t enough to reveal the whole multidimensional story.

Charts for stocks or commodities tend to be one-dimensional in that they’re generally denominated in that market’s national currency and this very fact can disguise the effects of that market relative to the international flow of money.

In other words, the question that needs answering is: ‘Is the international, ‘smart’ money flowing towards the market in question or away from it back into the world reserve currency (the US DOLLAR)?

Take the Bombay Stock Exchange index (BSE) for example in the chart below . . .


A quick one-dimensional look shows a strong bull market rise with, what looks like a normal downside reaction taking place within the trend.

However, to gauge a foreign market’s international VALUE, it needs to be compared with the world reserve currency, which, at this time, is the US DOLLAR.

A shift in a market’s value relative to the US Dollar, will reveal where the international flow of money from that market is headed. This will, in turn, reveal underlying strengths or weaknesses that may not be immediately obvious in the local currency denominated chart for that market.

When we compare the BSE to the US Dollar and chart that, we see something more revealing:


What shows as ‘weakness’ on this chart (the recent pull-back in prices) is now revealed to be something more serious as the money flow is shifting towards the US Dollar internationally and away from the BSE.

This is a powerful perspective shift that can alert traders and investors to fundamental shifts in markets which can only be seen relative to the reserve currency of the US Dollar.

By the way, this shift towards the US Dollar during the recent economic jitters is understandable and, it does affect the markets.

The US Dollar has soared in value to an exponential rate that will be unsustainable by it’s very nature.


This flow of purchasing dollars is being driven by worldwide factors that have created instability or at least the perception of instability.
The smart money moves, and is moving, to the most secure or perceived secure locations.

By way of example, note how the German Stock Market (DAX) is reflecting the same world-wide trend:


The shift for this market started back in July and never looked back.

On the other side of the World, as represented by Australia, we see the same loss of value and shift towards the US Dollar from the All Ordinaries Index:


Clearly, significant sums are migrating from different nation’s stock markets and buying US Dollars for investment in dollar-denominated products.

This significant trend will have a monetary-system wide effect that will be hard to explain using the usual one-dimensional chart analysis.

The US DOLLAR is a powerful factor at work behind the scenes and one which we’ll examine further in the days ahead. – George

© 2014 Copyright George R Harrison – All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: All articles and posts are a matter of opinion (drawn from over 44-years of market research & experience) and are provided for general information purposes only and are not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilize privately discovered methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisers.
From the website:


Bio: George R. Harrison’s background includes time as a Hedge Fund assistant manager; an intensely focused 44-year long period as a researcher of the Markets, a Master Market Analyst & Chartist; recognized by Gann-trained clients from around the world as a uniquely qualified, modern-day WD Gann expert, (having rediscovered and restored-to-print many ‘lost’ Gann techniques through his decades of research work) and creator of several revolutionary market analytical techniques and tools.

Mr. Harrison continues his market research & private client consultation and instructional work while living on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

SPECIAL: Mr. Harrison now offers limited, private one-on-one advanced instruction in a resort setting on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.

George may be contacted by e-mail at:


Asia: Sand in the Gears of the Bull Market

Sand in the Gears of the Bull Market

By: George R. Harrison

The Asian Stock Market scene has been dynamic and strong. At least until some sand got into the gear works a few months back and started to grind the bull markets to a halt.

The ‘canary in the coal mine’ was first spotted in the Malaysian Stock Index.


Malaysia’s stock market has been the weakest of the 4 we’re looking at here and, as the chart shows, has fallen around 7% in the last 3-month’s time.

The Malaysian Stock Index decline also made it’s appearance known in both the Hong Kong and the Singapore Stock Indexes . . .


Near mid-September, the train ride upwards became derailed, hesitating and then started working it’s way further on the downtrending slope.

Singapore, the financial capital of the region, reacted and mirrored the shift at the very same time.


The main difference between Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Indices is that Singapore has weathered the shift much better, showing itself to be the stronger market of the two during this time period.

Of course both of these markets are huge compared to Malaysia.

No doubt that the continuing massive movement of funds to Singapore (leaving nations perceived as less safe and secure) has gone a long way towards keeping the index stronger, even after it’s initial falter.

However, all is not well in the region and there are plenty of ‘signs’ that indicate that a slowdown and trend change are in progress.

Besides Indonesia, (which has defied expectations by continuing it’s rocket ride upwards in spite of oil’s crashing prices) Thailand has been a shining light reminder of the good old days of uncomplicated bull market price movements.

It has enjoyed a beautiful, strong upwards, non-volatile bull market move all this year (until recently).

Alas, that sand-in-the-gearworks I wrote of earlier has begun to make itself visible in the Thai market now. When you look at the chart, you can almost hear the grinding and slowing down of the ‘gears’ to this index. If you listen closely enough, you may find that they have stopped and are starting to reverse a little.


The Thai stock index has also been strong and managed to hold off the beginnings of faltering for an additional quarter past when the initial shifts were beginning to show in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

However, it may be time for this market to ‘catch up’ and the last few days seem to indicate that that’s what’s happening.


Behind all of these market gyrations is the effect of the US DOLLAR and the weakening of so many currencies against it. We’ll examine this more closely in the next article as space is limited here. – George

© 2014 Copyright George R Harrison – All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: All articles and posts are a matter of opinion (drawn from over 44-years of market research & experience) and are provided for general information purposes only and are not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilize privately discovered methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisers.
Bio: George R. Harrison’s background includes time as a Hedge Fund assistant manager; an intensely focused 44-year long period as a researcher of the Markets, a Master Market Analyst & Chartist.

George has been recognized by Gann-trained clients from around the world as a uniquely qualified, modern-day WD Gann expert, (having rediscovered and restored-to-print many ‘lost’ Gann techniques through his decades of research work) and creator of several revolutionary market analytical techniques and tools.

Mr. Harrison continues his market research & private client consultation and instructional work while living on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

Current market comments and archived articles may also be found on his website at

George may be contacted by e-mail at:


The Weight of Time as Trend

The Weight of Time as Trend

By George R. Harrison

weightWe’ve all felt it. The ‘weight’ of time acting as Trends in the markets.

Trends that hold longer than expected and whose change in direction appears when we least expect or believe it.

Once time accumulates for an action and establishes a Trend, those trends take a lot of work to change.

It seems like the more time that passes after a task is done and energy has been spent, the harder it is to go back to revisit those tasks again.

It’s like getting motivated to mow the lawn after we’ve done it recently.

It’s easy to think about doing it again a day, 2 even 3-days after doing it, but, come a week or two later, and the ‘weight’ of time comes into the picture making the effort harder and harder to accomplish.

This is a natural function of Life AND Markets.

It takes an expenditure of energy to set things in motion and even more energy to alter or change that motion to another direction.

Markets too, once they’ve obtained the energy and motion (for a trend) tend to stay in that trend and energy flow.

An object (the Market) in motion (trending) tending to stay in Motion (in the same trend direction).

Let’s take a look at a popular market (Gold) to illustrate the point.

The chart below shows the still-continuing downward trend for Gold at present.

Gold prices have been in a declining trend for over 3-years now. Those 3-years have now accumulated a momentum of their own and ‘lent’ it to the market called ‘Gold’ and, that downtrend doesn’t want to alter it’s direction and is highly resistant to change at this point.


This principle is simply a law of Nature; one we shouldn’t fight. It takes a good deal of ‘energy’ or ‘money’ to alter a trend in motion.

The chart for GOLD above shows just such a trend in progress. In this case, Gold prices have been dropping for 3 years now.

This is a solid trend with the strong Weight of Time behind it.

It will take a great deal of energy to turn this market around. Much like it takes a great deal of time and distance to turn around an oil tanker once it’s in motion and decides to change course. Energy (money, in this case and a great deal of it) will be required to effect the change everyone has been talking about for the last 3 years while waiting for this trend to change.


NOT YET. But, we’re now seeing the earliest signs of some energy input into changing the trend from downwards to up again. In other words, a gradual shift towards an upwards trend has begun.


These are not at a 3-year level of trend momentum however.

The shorter downward trend periods of 6-months and 1-year have now been broken clearing the way to higher prices again.

But, these higher prices may be of short duration such as 3 to 6 months or less unless sufficient buying power comes into the market to lift prices above $1450/oz. within a month, or $1375/oz. in 6-months. Unless this happens we’re still stuck in a 3-Year downtrend that hasn’t quit yet.

A serious Bull market in Gold is not the way to bet until these price points are surpassed strongly.

In a deflationary world environment, rising prices for a commodity like Gold are pretty hard to justify or even hope for. However, ‘hope springs eternal’ in the minds of investors and traders.

I’ve written on this subject before from several different perspectives to illustrate the same fundamental laws.

When everyone has a ‘precious’ metal, it ceases to be ‘precious’ by definition. When practically everyone has something (like Gold or Silver) where is the demand going to come from to push prices higher? Anyone??

Instead of a trading plan built on wisps of hope (or hurricanes of hype), It’s far better to work within the natural cycles of trend momentum that markets and prices gravitate to in order to read the ‘signs’ that really matter.

What’s encouraged, in other words, is a Human approach to trading that works within the same rule base that the Markets must work within.

Something that gives the user a feeling of control and solid-ground to stand on because they KNOW that they’re using the very same laws that Nature uses to run the World.

There’s nothing as comforting as using analytical methods based on the Universe’s Billions of years of successful application of Natural Laws!

When we recognize that these laws of the Universe are the same laws that govern our lives and that we’re not, in any way, ‘outside’ this System, then we can voluntarily align ourselves with them and make better assessments of market conditions and timing for trading those markets.

Whether a king of manipulators or an everyday trader, we’re all playing in the same sandbox. The Sandbox (the Universe) frames and contains all our possible actions within it’s boundaries and no one can thwart it or escape the Rules of the Sandbox.

What about the massive market manipulation of our times? It turns out that this is nothing new historically and many have prospered during the many other times just like these.

Take comfort and look at it this way; At least the Laws of the Universe are Honest and Incorruptible in their equal application.

In fact, in today’s world, it’s now much safer (and more satisfying) to work within those Universal Rules in order to out-maneuver the man-made schemes and misinformation that are increasingly present in both the markets and their supporting media.

All change is difficult to both accept and act upon. Human Beings are often slow to respond, change their positions or their minds (that’s the Weight of Time coming into play). But, when the Master System that rules this Universe puts these changes of trend into effect, we have no choice but to both accept and act quickly and follow that new Trend. - George

© 2014 Copyright George R Harrison – All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: All articles and posts are a matter of opinion (drawn from over 44-years of market research & experience) and are provided for general information purposes only and are not intended as investment advice. Information and analysis above are derived from sources and utilize privately discovered methods believed to be reliable, but we cannot accept responsibility for any losses you may incur as a result of this analysis. Individuals should consult with their personal financial advisers.



Chinese Yuan Downtrending


By G. R. Harrison (2014)


Charts courtesy of Yahoo Finance
Click on chart to enlarge for clarity

Continuing in our ‘Appraisal Reports’ for major Currencies of late, we come next to the Chinese Yuan.

The current price chart of the CNY/USD for a multi-year period is shown to the left. This particular chart was prepared some days ago.

Although most media have been reporting the recent upswing in the Yuan, the underlying momentum for this market is still downwards in direction.

We’ll take a more recent snapshot of this market with the next chart down.

This second chart shows that the downward drift of prices has continued even further.

To further confirm the down trend of the Chinese Yuan as indicated by the CNY/USD chart, we should expect prices to decline over time. Let’s see if this is so . . .


This is the current trend for this currency which, in turn, strengthens the Chinese economic position by decreasing the costs of their exports.

As the Economy of a nation is reflected in it’s currency, we can draw some conclusion from the emphasis that nation places on it’s money.

As the US DOLLAR is rising, causing exports to be more expensive from the USA, China is purposefully decreasing the value of it’s controlled currency in order to maintain it’s World exporting edge and to support it’s own industries.

This places China in the stronger position of the two economically relative to supporting it’s own industrial base. - George




Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course image


This is the method that I developed in order to find the true ‘intentions’ of the institutional traders in every market.

This approach is unique and, is not a conventional trend tool. The theory behind this exceptional analytical tool was derived from my many decades of research into W.D. Gann’s methods and writings as well as those of the ‘mercantile principles’ from the business side of the markets.

As the years rolled by, rediscoveries of lost principles of the markets were accumulated into what is now called the ‘Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course’.

‘The Excalibur Method’ is now part of the Master Course but, still may be purchased separately for a little while longer. You can read testimonials here.

The first half of the manual introduces a new paradigm and perspective for identifying what I call the ‘intentions’ or ‘objectives’ of the big market interests who clearly control the market trends. The Excalibur Method’s purpose is to allow one to place themselves in alignment with the plans of those who make the markets by using a mathematical tool to extract and interpret those plans. This information is a restricted release product. E-mail me HERE for price & availability


The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as other completely original discoveries are available to a limited number of students each year through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. Contact me by e-mail for price and availability by clicking the box above.

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Stock Market Pivot Time?

Week of Feb. 10th, 2014:

A Potential Pivot Point for the Stock Market

The present retracement in the stock market has reached an important pivot price point.


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

The chart to the left shows the present pivot price point of interest for the stock market.

The recent down slide in price remains intact until we cross certain price thresholds.

The red downward triangle is pointing to the critical price level to watch for the DJIA.

Should prices rise rapidly above the present price level, I’d consider the downswing to be completed and a renewal a new upswing to be underway.

In addition, on a daily basis, WD Gann timing techniques favor this day as a top with another turn point 3 days into the future to watch.

Have a great week ahead. - George


Week of Jan. 13th, 2014:

The Dow Jones Stock Index This Week . . .


Where are we in the Stock Market this week?

As we’re presently pulling back some from the recent top, we find ourselves poised between the two price areas shown on this chart with the green and red horizontal lines.

The green line at the top shows a strong price resistance point at the 16,500 right now. It will take a little pause and pullback in price to ready the market momentum for a new surge upwards to break through the green line price level.

On the other hand, the market itself has a strong support price area at work at the 16,000 price area as shown by the lower red line below present prices. It’s entirely possible that prices may decline this week, however, they’re likely to stay above the support area while doing it. - George


Reality: A Road to Better Market Timing

WD Gann’s Key to Better Market Timing

Besides the great importance of being aligned with the dominant trend when trading or investing, WD Gann proved that there’s also the necessity of discerning a change in those trends (using market timing techniques) as early as possible.

Now, while the absolute top and bottom of a price move is what most newcomers to the markets think is what should be aimed for, a step back and analysis of the statistics will correct the notion that tops and bottoms are what should be the main focus of market timing.

In any time period, there will be an absolute high and low which will occur within that time frame. That is the Top and the Bottom of that market for that time period.

For a Year, which constitutes about 220 trading days, that means if we are trying to target those two single points of the High and the Low randomly, we’d have only 2 chances out of 220 of being correct in our assessments.

The percentage odds of that approach being ‘right-on-the-money’ correct are only .9 %!

Put another way,  we have 99.1% odds of missing the High and the Low for the Year!

And, in the investing field, that means, at least half the time, selling too early to find the top (creating losses) and buying too early looking for the lowest low (also creating losses). That translates into loss for the trader and investor who tries to top and bottom pick at least 50% of the time!

WD Gann and Crude Oil Timing

Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

‘Hope’ is fictional, Reality is self-defined

Tops and Bottoms to markets ARE Reality and, therefore, define themselves.

Hoping for a price top or bottom before the fact is, by definition, an act of fiction that can eventually lead to Chaos.

Price Tops and Bottoms become ‘self-evident’ by what follows after they’re made.


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Nikkei 225 at short-term turn?


This week’s action is subdued due to the US Holiday but, the Nikkei 225 is resting upon an important price trigger point. TO READ MORE, BECOME A MEMBER.

IT’S FREE. CLICK HERE TO JOIN. [Private_Free Observer Level Membership],   [Content protected for members only]



To update ourselves on market price realities of GOLD & SILVER and, at the same time, further distance ourselves from market propaganda let’s pull back to the solid world of mathematics, geometry and WD GANN.

By applying a sense of balance to market prices to separate time periods (Daily and Weekly) we can plot the angles which WD Gann made famous. I’m speaking now of the 45 degree angle applied in a disciplined way to the Gold & Silver markets.

You can view the results in the two charts following for both the Gold and the Silver markets. The results will show that on the daily basis weakness in price persists.

First, the SILVER market which is the weaker of the two at present:

WD GANN and Silver price trends

Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

This market remains below it’s long-term 45 degree price angle and also it’s shorter-term Daily price angle (shown on the chart above).

The bottom line?

Silver remains weak and the pressure is to go still lower in price on just the momentum angle analysis alone.

As for the GOLD market, as you can see below, Gold has also adhered to the downward price pressure as indicated by the declining price angle shown for the daily prices.

WD GANN and GOLD price trends

Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

The longer-term perspective for Gold prices is not as weak as the shorter-term lines indicate.

In fact, we’re about $300 above the critical angle from the 2013 High in Gold.

We’ve hit the support angle long-term four times this year so far, but, to touch it again would require a much larger fall in Gold prices (as mentioned $300 further downwards as of this date.

Gold prices are presently favoring a less steep descent of around $50 every 2-weeks as shown in the chart.

Newcomers can check this website’s archives where you’ll find that I predicted these lower Gold prices some time ago using other techniques (like the Excalibur Method).

I haven’t altered my outlook on the present downtrend for the solid reasons presented by these techniques.- George

US Bonds at Crucial Pivot Point


The US Bond market is an incredibly long-term and slow-moving market; at least when it comes to major shifts in interest rates.

All the angles have been played to keep interest rates down and, even so, there’s been a slow drift downwards indicating a slight bump upwards in interest rates.

It was just a matter of time before certain Time & Price scenarios came to pass lining us up to an important pivot area of price and time.

That time is between now and the end of this year as we’re at the end of the natural reaction periods on a 6-month basis, but, also for the 1-year trend as well. As we examine the chart below, we see that we’re right on one of the trigger areas (shown with the red horizontal bar below the present market price.

US Bond and interest rate trends

Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

This same scenario is being played out in the Time dimension as well and seeing the convergence of both 6-month reactions and the one-year reactions gives all the more importance to this particular time for US BONDS.

A rebound upwards towards lower interest rates would almost require that those rates go to even lower levels than previously record low levels.

However, a further breakdown in prices from here would take us into familiar territory which we’ve visited only a few years back. The potential of revisiting the ‘familiar’ is actually another reason to place more weight on the downside potential. An Excalibur Line applied to the daily level will help reveal the market’s choice earlier than this longer-term chart alone.

WD Gann recommended using 3 types of chart time periods for most markets: Daily, Weekly and Monthly. By using the monthly and weekly charts, one could maintain better perspective and stay with the major trend. One could then focus in at critical turn moments to catch shifts in trend using the shorter time-period daily charts. - George

China 25 Stock Index Breakout

The China 25 Index Shifts to Overdrive

With so many eyes focused on the runaway US Stock Market, most have ignored that the Chinese Stock Market (as represented by the China 25 Index; stock symbol FXI) has shifted out of neutral and into overdrive with Friday’s close.

The accompanying chart shows the last time that such a trigger (using the Excalibur Method of analysis) was given and what followed.


A new up-trending momentum trigger has been generated for FXI and, is shown by the green horizontal bar at the right top of the chart above.

This would coincide with a money flow shift to Asia. As to where this money flow is coming from, there are enough crises in the West to provide an ample set of clues. But, if I were to take a best guess, I’d say that money is being taken out of treasury bonds and is being repatriated back to China.

If so, then, there will be a tremendous upside potential for the Chinese Stock Market (as well as other investments such as China Real Estate; which, perhaps not so coincidentally is also strongly trending upwards). – George

Copper: Global Economic Slowdown Continues


Prices Indicate That Deflation Continues

A new SELL trigger analysis for the COPPER market was indicated using the Excalibur Method as our guide.

The chart below shows two of these SELL points for the Copper Market. These continued declines further confirm the global economic slowdown and the deflationary environment that is actually at play in the world.

Copper SELL  trigger points using the Excalibur Method of analysis

Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

Watch for lower prices to confirm the new break downwards. If prices rise above $3.45, then, this would indicate that renewed momentum is in play and the end of deflationary prices in Copper may be coming to an end. - George

WD Gann Techniques: Still Working to This Day


The chart below illustrates a technique that hasn’t been displayed since WD Gann’s day back in the 1950′s in his personal papers.


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

There’s a sequence of previous tops and bottoms along with another predicted* for the near future.

This technique demolishes the so-called ‘random-walk’ theory of the markets and is, in my opinion, one of the reasons behind WD Gann’s great trading and investing success over a 50-year period. His successes were rumored to be worth over $50 Million dollars during this time, and, that’s when a million dollars was worth a whole lot more in purchasing power than it is today!

This almost lost technique (and many others) will be available publicly (until Deceimber 15th) to 5 more purchasers before again disappearing from public view.

The two-volume Collection called ‘Rediscovering WD Gann’s Lost Trading Secrets’ opens up WD Gann’s perspective on the markets, price charts and Time & Price Secrets.

A perspective he developed and applied over a half-century of trading.

If you want to be one of the remaining five-individuals world-wide to have access to techniques like the one shown above through this two-volume Collection, contact me HERE. - George

*(Disclaimer: This is a forecast and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.).

CRUDE OIL: A $7,000 Move in 12-Days


Our October 16th post to this page outlined a support price for Crude Oil at $100.

It also warned that the breaking of this support price would lead to much lower prices. The October 27th post targeted as low as the $93 region for a possible stopping place on the way to still lower prices.

Well, here we are just 12 days from the first alert to the $93 price area and, already the market has moved almost $7,000 in futures contract value.


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

Critical to picking these type of important price trigger points is a method of analysis called The Excalibur Method.

This method has been used by an extremely private and small group for several years to seek out and pinpoint critical price trigger areas like that just witnessed in Crude Oil. All of that small group obtained this special method of market analysis from only one source; here . . . On this website and only by contacting me privately by e-mail HERE.


I’ll be making available a few more copies of the Excalibur Method before the end of the year, but, not many copies.

In fact, after December, there may not be additional copies available until the end of March of 2014 or even later and, the price will be going up.

Already, there are no more sales being made in some regions of the world as part of the plan to gradually withdraw The Excalibur Method from public access.

It’s never been my fantasy that everyone should have access to this method nor, has it been my intention. However, I believe (and have witnessed) that there are a few traders and investors who can take this technique to literally make their trading dreams come true.

So, if you’ve been interested but haven’t acted as yet, take some time and look at the archives and the many accurate predictions that have been made on this site over the last 4-years time.

Then, act by contacting me privately by e-mail HERE. - George








By George R. Harrison

This double-volume set reveals 16 previously unknown, but, secretly ‘embedded’ trading techniques of WD GANN, a Master Trader reputed to have taken over $50 Million dollars from both the Commodity and the Stock Market in the first half of the 20th Century.

Mr. Gann’s greatest trading techniques were his closely-guarded treasure intentionally hidden from the general public. These hidden tools for market analysis were true gems that could only be revealed by rediscovering natural laws, mathematical truths and reverse-engineering to match Mr. Gann’s own private papers and charts.

These very same precious methods are now, at last, presented within a privately-published, 2-Volume signed set that’s being offered in extremely limited numbers at this time.

This opportunity is intended for those committed followers of WD GANN and those seekers who want to go beyond his standard courses and books and who wish to learn to read the ‘hidden’ secrets that are embedded at deeper levels of Gann’s work.

After December 15th, 2013 . . .



  • I have only 5 sets of this personalized, registered and signed special collection available for sale before December 15th this year, after which they will not be publicly available again.
  • This Collection is for serious students and individuals who realize the rarity and value of this unique information and who are willing to make an investment in understanding the deeper secrets of WD GANN.
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  • I have only 5 remaining sets of this personalized, registered and signed special collection available for sale before December 15th this year, after which they may not be made available again.
  • This Collection is for serious students and individuals who realize the rarity and value of this unique information and who are willing to make an investment in understanding the deeper secrets of WD GANN.
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GBP/JPY Follow-up


Here’s a chart showing what happened after the last post’s prediction for a support price area in the Pound/Yen (GBP/JPY) forex pair:


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

Prices reversed and trended upwards from exactly the price support area predicted and, are following a moderate upswing in momentum at present (see the green upwards area for rough trajectory). - George

Critical Crude (Oil, that is)



On October 16th, I posted a price support target of $100 to watch for Crude Oil prices.

Slippage below that level was called to portend an initial downside around $95 and probably a little lower (likely in the $93.50-$95.00 range) before finding short-term support.


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

Well, prices have indeed broken through that support level (as shown on the above chart by the red line price area) and started their descent to those levels so, the strong upwards price momentum has shifted.

You can find that earlier post lower down on this page.

As I stated in that earlier article on October 16th, this price decline in such a critical and essential part of the Economy of the World will lend a powerful additional ally to the general deflationary effect that’s being generated by many commodities today.

We’ll look at more in the days ahead. Have a great new week.- George


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Sugar’s Sweet Trend


Even as I wrote several posts back about the deflationary trend in many commodities, Sugar was beginning a firm shift in trend from downwards to a strong upswing in price.

In the previous post, I showed a case for Crude Oil being at it’s extreme pull-back point and to watch for any dramatic break to the downside as a signal for a strong decline ahead.

In today’s chart, we see an example of a market that has recently completed it’s downtrend and shifted to a medium-trend in the upwards direction.


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

Prices have already risen by over 8% in a month’s time. This is what the beginning of a significant trend looks like- George

P.S.: This is the time to take control of your own analysis of the markets. You can’t rely on the major media to give you the important insights that you need.

The Times we’re in just won’t allow for misinformation and confusion. Many of those reporting financial and market news are too entrenched and dependent on the companies that they promote to ever give you an objective view of the way things really are. It may not necessarily be intentional, it could, indeed, be just brainwashed training that worked for other times, but, which is completely inadequate for today’s jumpy political and economic conditions.

**The Excalibur Method will give you the insight you need to find opportunities like that shown in the Sugar chart above where the signal of the reversal to the upside would have been noted a month ago.

Proof of that statement? Take a look at this website and the last 4 years of blogs. Many, many times predictions were given accurately and IN ADVANCE for many markets and time frames using the Excalibur Method of market analysis. ** [Please read the Disclaimer lower on this webpage]



I’ve stopped further Excalibur Method sales to some regions of the World already, so, continued availability of the Course is not guaranteed.

Do your own due diligence and prove for yourself just how useful a tool this unique technology can be in your toolbox.

When you’re ready, contact me HERE for purchase information. Please mention your region/nation to determine availability.

Thanks. – George

Crude Oil Testing Support Levels


Crude Oil prices have pulled back and are now flirting with an important support price level. I’ve illustrated this on the following chart.


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

There’s a good deal of deflation in the commodity sector presently and, if crude prices can break through the $100 bottom-end of this support price area, they’ll be clear to go downward to $95 initially, but, can continue down to $80-$85 eventually (over a period of 3-6 months).

This would be a significant addition to the deflationary forces at play in the Economy. Points like these are optimal for testing the strength of current trends.

If one wishes to bet on the trend continuing, then, purchases at support points (like that shown above on the chart)  have the lowest risk for stops placed just below the support area.

For those hoping to get on board early for a new trend downwards, then, support areas like the one shown provide a good Selling area below the support line with a stop above it (on a close basis for both signals to avoid short-term price whipsaws or ‘stop search-and-destroy’ tactics by market-makers)- George

A TRICKY COMBO: Inflation AND Deflation



While most of us will agree that inflation is the topic of concern and conversation in economic and market circles, there’s a deceptive and overlooked twist to the argument.

You see, yes, there IS inflation right now,  but, it’s most notably confined to paper-based assets. Major examples of paper-based assets today are the Stock Markets of the United
States and Japan as shown in the charts below:


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

Paper-based valuations as seen in stocks can easily become (and have: i.e.: look at Apple Computer) value fictions agreed upon by eager and financially powerful participants. However, in today’s world, the main participants (by their own admissions) are the central banks and their dependent banks of both nations. They’re now engaged in a “how high is up?” exercise that has pushed the values of the US & Japanese stock markets to higher and higher levels.

Is this inflation? It certainly is relative to stock prices. But, a stock market is a distant, several-levels removed, representation of the underlying Economy of particular nation. And, a nation is built and runs upon the basic costs of it’s raw materials. In short, Commodity prices.

Let’s take a look at some important commodities and see where there price trends are pointing:


Price charts courtesy of Indicators by

From Gold, to Sugar to Wheat to Coffee; all of these commodity prices have been in DECLINE.

That’s DEFLATION of value.

That’s the twist I wrote about above; that we’re actually experiencing BOTH deflation AND inflation all at once in separate areas of the economy.

DEFLATION in commodity prices is happening separately from the INFLATION that’s occurring in the Stock Markets shown above.


The 30-Year Commodity Cycle

This also makes sense when one becomes aware of the (approximately) 30-year Cycle for Commodities which was reached in 2011 for Gold, Silver, Copper, Cotton, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa.

The Grains responded the very next year with peaks in 2012 for Corn, Wheat and Soybeans.

As I’m fond of pointing out (because of it’s importance), one should first locate WHERE we are relative to the major cycles and, only then, work out the shorter and shorter cycles, time frame strategies and trading plans. Though long-term momentum doesn’t help on an intraday trading basis, it will many times tell you in which direction the next major ‘surprise’ price move will likely favor.- George


Stock Market in Flight


As mentioned in our past post written at the August 16th pullback in prices, the expectation was for higher prices in the market and not lower as was widely expected.


Price chart courtesy of Indicators by

The present rise in prices is returning over a 5% gain on a monthly basis.

In addition to the above chart, I’ve included another for members only just below that will show clearly what the market’s trend and intention is for the immediate future.

More Details in Member’s Section Below:

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India Stock Market Trends


For our many visitors interested in the India Stock Exchange and who wonder if The Excalibur Trading Method is also applicable to that market arena, I present today’s chart of the Bombay Stock Exchange for the last several years.

The Excalibur Trading Method and the Bombay Stock Exchange

The Excalibur Trading Method and the Bombay Stock Exchange

This chart shows a long-term analysis of this index and much shorter time frames would present many more trading opportunities.

However, the main point is that no major trend change escaped The Excalibur Trading Method’s analysis and notice with the present trend included.

The world today seems to be dominated by technical wonder gadgets. Smartphones, tablets etc. all of them are upgraded every year. In the technical world, change is constant with the promise that next year’s ‘model’ will solve all our problems real or imagined.

Unfortunately, this sets our consciousnesses to expect constant change in the world and, by implication, that this change will make our lives more effective or successful.

While some of this may be true for the technical realm, this philosophy creates an unbalance to our Whole Human Nature unless we acknowledge that there are greater, unchanging patterns to Life and our World.

Yet, if we step outside the tech sales hype for a moment we’ll realize the importance of Fundamentals; for, even the oldest model cell phone can still communicate.

That is the underlying constant purpose for all these devices.

Our approach to markets needs also to be based on a fundamental constant or purpose.

This is the same unchanging Realm that W.D. Gann explored and worked with over his super successful 50-year trading life.

The Excalibur Trading Method is based on LASTING PRINCIPLES that describe change but, are not altered by change itself.

  • A trading model should should be basic: Create a growing asset portfolio and reduce pullbacks on that asset growth.
  • A trading methodology should also be basic: Provide an unchanging & accurate perception of price trends, momentum and turns along with asset protecting stops.

Both should work together and, the Human Element needs to be disciplined enough to stay out of the way of both the trading model and the methodology.

That’s the short answer as to why the Excalibur Trading Method of price analysis work the same in every market it’s been applied to including those of India, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and of course the US and European Markets. I have satisfied clients in most of these countries or trading these markets using this technique (or others from the Master Course) so, this is not speculative.

Note that this is the time of year when, in the past, I’ve offered some special incentives to those who are ready to act on obtaining this rare information or the Master Harrison-Gann Trading Secrets Course.

Look for this limited special offer in the days ahead.- George


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